Nick’s tales episode one

I started using Packet Radio in 1989 which was very popular then with quite a number of Nodes, Repeaters and users.
We had BBSs on 144.650 and Chat was mainly on 144.675. I used to NodeHop around the UK and also there was a few Ka-Nodes that I could use to connect onto HF and type to foreign stations as the station who had the Ka-Node was lucky enough to have good HF antennas and able to get a good path to them as well as having a tower for his antennas.

Today the Internet has much taken over so a lot of Packet has gone apart from a few which have nothing at all to do with the internet and like to use as a Standalone system.

A group of us are now trying to bring back some interest in Packet again, and start using this wonderful mode again!

Nick G7EVW

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