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Let’s bring packet radio back to the world!

An entire generation has grown up without knowing the sounds of a computer connecting to the internet using POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) or the sheer fun that could be had exploring the strange and exciting world of BBSes (Bulletin Board Systems) around the local area and even around the world.

Packet Radio can bring back that lost youth for many of us and has a great deal to offer the Fortnite crowd at the same time.

Playing chess with a friend from overseas, waiting patiently for his next move – when he finally wakes up! – and constantly scanning your TNC lights in case someone has left you email, even though for the rest of the neighbourhood the internet is down. Reading documents and viewing pictures from around the world without any form of a network connection.

Being in a car or lorry driving around the country with no phone signal yet still keeping in contact with loved ones, letting them know exactly where you are at all times – even when you don’t actually know where that is yourself.

What magic offers all of this ?

Actually you can do all of that with a radio that costs the same as a cup of coffee and a mobile phone that was destined for the bin 2 years ago but is still on the side gathering dust.

Welcome to the world of Packet Radio on TNCs (Terminal Node Controllers).

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